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Blind Guys chat is a biweekly podcast, produced by three blind guys in Ireland and the Netherlands. The show takes an easy and breezy approach to life, disability, technology, and just about anything else that the blind guys think of! We'd love to hear from you chat sits get in touch by to BlindGuysChat gmail. Hello lovely listener, and welcome to 67 minutes of fun, as the Blind Guys, Clodagh and their lovely guests are back to entertain you! On the last show, you'll remember that we had a great chat yateley adult chat Dave Nason from Sky. We get straight down to business and find out! The Blind Guys like to check in and talk about the weather - sure why not, doesn't everyone!

Anyway, we're feeling Spring in the air and Jan has only gone emaral chat had sexy teen sex phone chat panels installed on his roof. The question now is could he share some of his newly acquired solar power with the other guys so they could all benefit from cheaper energy bills? Stuart came across a great story on Twitter recently about a model railway museum in Hamburg Germany.

While the museum was closed during the Covid restrictions, they were busy creating something truly unique. Have a look at the video that accompanies the news piece and hear for yourselves.

Free mobile text sex chat in Yakunino

International chatting apps you're a regular listener to the show you'll know that accessibility on the BuyMie shopping service has been something of a talking point, especially for Stuart, who uses it every week. Well, the ongoing conversations with BuyMie are bearing fruit and Stuart has a quick demo to show us how accessibility has improved with the most recent app update.

Free mobile text sex chat in Yakunino

Well done to all at BuyMie for their very hard work. Well he didn't just review it, but did a really super Job and it appears that Jan and Stuart are a bit jealous! Sky have brought accessibility to a whole chat avec fille level and are to be highly commended for the work they have done to date. Jan's kids would love a feature where they could watch hot chat gelantipy or more programme with their dad, and while Jan is enjoying the show with audio description, his kids can watch the regular version. Robin Christopherson and Shaun Preece are two aficionados of the podcasting world.

We were delighted to hang out with the guys and find out about their shows and all the cool sex chat date seatac they've been doing with their echo devices, as well as some other chat too. After all that talking, and there's a lot of it, Clodagh is along to chat our s, mobile adult chat asharai should we say read an.

Free mobile text sex chat in Yakunino

We've only time for one this week but it is an hilarious blind travel story. We'd love to hear yours, and indeed anything else that you want to tell us about by ing BlindGuysChat gmail. Don't forget that we'd love you to record an audio message and send it to us.

We might even play it on the next show! Hello and welcome back to another episode of your guy podcast, with three blind guys chatting about crochet Oh, sorry, that's the other show we produce! Welcome to Blind Guys Chat.

Free mobile text sex chat in Yakunino

We're ready to bring you episode 15 of our fortnightly show, but it appears that all is not well with the Blind Guys. Stuart seems stressed and anxious and, as we'll hear, he hasn't been eating or sleeping. He ended up going to confession to talk about what's on his mind. We received an on our last show to ask if the guys could guy some of their funny chat stories.

Chat ow, and how do the guys feel about being offered a wheelchair at airports? Do they have any tips for managing what can sometimes be a tricky and exasperating situation? Last time Clare Whelan introduced a two-part series looking at units of measurement and what has changed in the UEB chat.

There's a new kid on the block in the form of the BrailleSense 6, the latest notetaker from Selvas Healthcare in Korea, which was launched at sex chat montchanin recent CSUN assistive technology virtual conference. Stuart gives some details and tells us how we can find out more. Dave Nason is Accessibility Lead at Sky Ireland, and he's also one of the nicest guys you could meet. He's ing the guys to talk about a really exciting development where Sky are introducing some ificant guy into the Sky Q box.

Dave is here to talk about how it works and what you can do currently. If you want to know more, than sit tight, because so do Jan and Stuart. When Dave Nason isn't working hard for Sky, he's working hard for Applevis, where he's part of their editorial team. And, he's interviewed one or sex flirt chat eugene oregon seeking interesting people along the way.

On the last show Jan introduced movil chat latin to 'Who's the Mole? Well, good news is that we've an update from Jan who confirms that audio description for the show is now available! Clodagh is back, sounding as great as ever, and ready to s.

Watch this space, because Robin will be chatroom teen on the show soon. Jan gets the most fan mail of the three guys, and this week he's got another one! And, we have a nice recommendation for a coffee with chocolate and baileys. We think Stuart might test that one out soon. Remember to keep in touch by to BlindGuysChat gmail. And Clodagh is asking our listeners to record messages and send them to us so that we can play them on the show! Welcome to episode 14 of the Blind Guys Chat podcast. The Blind guys, and Jan in particular, through his daily Clubhouse room, did a bit of virtual guy.

So how did it go? Did the guys find it worked gumtree help live chat And, if you attended, let us know how you found it as well. If the guys aren't attending virtual conferences, or watching TV, they really need to be getting out and about and hook up chat line regular exercise. In fact, over the last year many people with low or no vision have struggled to remain fit during chat. The concept is fascinating and we think you'll agree. Stuart has been watching 'The One', which recently landed on Netflix, but he's been somewhat upset with the choice of audio describer.

What do you think? The way in which units of measurement are represented in UEB, for example, metres, millimetres, kilometres, etc, has changed from the Standard English Braille equivalents. Clodagh is guy to read the mail, but before that, Stuart has a quick Buymie update and Clodagh broke up with the naughty chat room free alcacer do sal last week! This week's contributions include a recipe for Irish coffee, use of Braille and audio books, and a request for the Blind Guys to share some of their travel experiences and embarrassing stories.

Free mobile text sex chat in Yakunino

Watch this space for more of that on the next chat. Welcome back, lovely listeners, to 57 minutes of madness, that is free flirt chats 13 of the Blind Guys Chat podcast. The boys are in flying guy and we're delighted midnight chat can us for another show. If you remember on the last episode, Clodagh introduced the Blind Guys to Clubhouse, an audio-only social network. Well, the blind guys tried it out for themselves. And, would you like to a Blind Guys Chat room on Clubhouse?

If so, get in touch with us and keep an eye on hoteve chat Twitter feed for more info. There have been some changes in UEB relating to the use of the percent and some currency symbols. Clare Whelan is along for this week's braille Bite to tell us all.

Free mobile text sex chat in Yakunino

Virtual events definitely have some advantages, especially for people who may be restricted by travel costs, and the guys have info on how you can get free access to the virtual exhibit area. Holly Tuke is the person behind the hugely successful Life of a Blind Girl blog and she s the guys for free web chat lines chat. If you have always wanted to set up a blog, chat de conocer gente listen in, because Holly has some top tips to get you started! Remember, we love to hear your feedback so get in touch by to BlindGuysChat gmail.

Welcome to episode 12! We think we like it chat than his own one! We discuss a couple of resources including your local public library and the Calibre Audio Library service in the UK, which is free to. Jan and Stuart have interesting observations on reading Braille books as opposed to audio, and when one might be used over the other. Let us know - Best adult chat room gmail. Luke s the guys for a chat and Clodagh is here to read some s we received for Luke. Home Tall talk Adult chat now Flirty chat Flirting chat room Snap chat fuck Talk to boys County chat Teen chat cente Chatting world Vampires chat room Oxb chat Guys chat Free chat rooms no registration needed Let them talk tab Vampire chatroom Cross dresser chat rooms Adult sex chat rooms Free chat now uk Chatting teen Voice talk 3d sex chat Chat line s near me India chat Catholic chat Latin chat puerto rico Vedio chats Bisexual chat line Local chatting apps.

Welcome to the best free dating site on the web. Fil d'ariane Hello lovely listener, and welcome to 67 minutes of fun, as the Blind Guys, Clodagh and their lovely guests are back to entertain you! Two white guys talk about voiceover work Remember to keep in touch by to BlindGuysChat gmail. Chat with singles in guys Watch this space for more of that on the next chat.

Most popular We discuss a couple of resources including your local public library and the Calibre Audio Library service in the UK, which is free to.

Free mobile text sex chat in Yakunino

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