Friendship and stuff 3

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:Blog. So, how many friends do you have? Can you count them on one hand? Maybe you need a piece of paper to write them all down…. Higher s than these, and our relationships grow shallow, superficial. Real friends do real life together. And because you know they genuinely care. The pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice. Proverbs Your situation matters to her. Which is more difficult—hearing a hard truth or speaking it?

Either way, ouch. Wounds from a friend can be trusted. We need to hear them, and who better to tell us? Plus, such wounds are only temporary. This is what real friends do for one another.

Friendship and stuff 3

A friend loves at all times. The true test of friendship. Not walking away when a friend does something stupid or embarrassing. Accepting each other as is. This is what Jesus does for us, beloved. If we want to know how to be a better friend, Jesus shows us the way. Lord, rather than simply counting my friends, I want to be fully able to them. To give and receive heartfelt advice.

To speak and hear the hard things. To love my friends like You love us. Heartfelt thanks to all who left comments! Your grateful sister, Liz Twitter Facebook Pinterest. We all need to be loved and not just in the ways we think we need.

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great book! I am so blessed to have a few real friends. They love me even I am unlovable! They are always there for me through good and bad, and laughter and tears! Thanks for reminding me again how blessed that I am!! Be blessed!! I am so blessed to have two dear friends, close as sisters.

Thank you for reminding me of the ways to nourish the blessings of these friendships. My Best friend is almost perfect. Thoughshe lives in a different state she was with me durning my Dx of breast cancer and all the following treatments. She is a gift from God. Liz — thank you for this post! I have been through an extremely difficult time in my life over the past few years. I had always had many acquaintance friends and several close friends and some extremely close. When I began the extremely difficult time I began to isolate myself and pull away from everything I knew.

Friendship and stuff 3

I did not nourish my friendships and yet, God provided a few very good friends who held on with me anyway. I am so thankful for them and ready to learn how to become a good friend in return again! Thank you again for your post! I had been promising to clean the basement a source of his allergies for a long time, and had been putting it off. I promptly closed my laptop and went down to do the job. It felt great to actually be the best friend he so rightly deserves me to be; the Godly wife I should be. Thanks Liz!! My study group even bore that name. Thank you for showing us, through His word, what a blessing friendship is!!

God blesses us with friends. I may not see some friends very often because of distance, but when you pick up the phone, its like you were together yesterday. My very close and special friend, Diane went to be with Lord several years ago. As new friends. Thank you, Jesus! Two of my closest friends have been by my side since 6th and 9th grade. We are all now 56 years old. We have weathered graduation, birth of children, divorces, loss of parents and yet we have never wavered in our friendships.

None of the 3 of us have sisters so we are like sisters! Love Michelle and Dee! Reading this blog entry put a smile on my face because it is a reminder of the strong friendships God provided in each change of ministry. Learning that we are all not the same inside or outside is not as hard thing to grasp, but I have learned that there are times in life when you have weed your garden, and replace it with new seeds given to us by the Father.

I love getting your post.

Friendship and stuff 3

You rock Liz! I look forward to the bible studies Liz! Stats at the beginning-interesting to ponder BUT praying specifically about deepening my friendships: did just now and will do in future. Thank you for the encouragement.

Liz, thank you for being that kind of friend to all of us. I also thank the Lord every day for my absolute best friend — my precious husband, Dave. My friends have gotten me through moving transitions, the death of and have helped me grow in my relationship to our Lord and Savior. He has shown me that it is good to be corrected in love from a friend and to correct with that same love and grace. Thanks, Liz, for reminding us to thank Him for our friendships and how to practice being a friend.

This study made me realize that I need to be a better friend to other people, not just the ones on my friends list but to all. I know I can count on Jesus to help me accomplish this. Thank you for the insight.

But I discovered not everyone operates that way. Some of my deepest pain has come from friends who have, for various reasons, walked away from our friendship. But somewhere along the way, God seemed to be telling me that I could only maintain so many friendships, and if no one ever walked out of my life, there would be no room for those He was preparing to bring into my life. Somehow that has made it a little easier to say good bye as I move forward with a bit of expectation that someone new is on the way to bless my life.

Oh what wonderful timing!

Friendship and stuff 3

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