Hearts dating service vancouver

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Our staff is dedicated and committed to assisting you in the achievement of all of your relationship goals. Are you tired of sending endless s to strangers online? Our experience and intuition will get you out of the house and meeting terrific people for the purpose of a happy and healthy relationship. As our name suggests, BC Matchmakers specializes in matching quality people in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. No long-distance relationships. We will match you with people in your vicinity so you can see each other face-to-face as often as you want, and actually date.

Hearts dating service vancouver

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we would like to remove our names from the dating data base. We have found each other, thru you and are perfectly happy. So I would like to put things on hold and see where Evan and I will go with all of this. I'm pretty sure all will go well for us he is such a sweet heart.

Once again Shane thanks from the bottom of my heart! Ben seems to be a very nice man. I was a little bit nervous since it was my first referral, but it didn't take me long to feel completely comfortable with him. It was not instant chemistry, however it sometimes take a few meetings for a relationship to develop. So at the end of the meeting when Ben asked me if I would accept to go on a second date, I said yes.

Hearts dating service vancouver

Meeting liars and cheaters is easy. A "match" isn't just someone with skin and teeth, is it? And, our goal is simple: to help you find LOVE. While you are at work, being a parent or enjoying your retirement, we are constantly searching for quality singles for you. Whether it is through our current extensive database of single applications, our Active or Passive memberships, or through our massive advertising campaigns, finding you your "special someone" is our full-time job.

And, we are good at it!

Hearts dating service vancouver

Unlike those online dating companies, we meet ALL of our Clients face-to-face. This allows BC Matchmakers to properly screen potential partners for you. Real singles and a safer dating experience. Computers don't understand emotions; people do. Our matchmakers focus on your "must have" qualities and your "deal breakers" as they hand-select each match for you.

Our unique and proprietary compatibility assessment helps us to match you to singles with which you are compatible. After all, compatibility is what makes relationships last. We work hard to identify your real feelings, attitudes and values, so you can meet the type of people best suited for you. With all of our years of experience, we know how to match you. But, your attitude is vital when it comes to the success of a match. For this reason, we require a mutual agreement from both parties. When you have faith in how and why your referrals are selected, your dates will be so much more EXCITING knowing you both have approved, and are looking forward to meeting, each other!

No more silly s or instant messages to strangers.

Hearts dating service vancouver

No more developing feeling for someone you haven't even met. At BC Matchmakers, we require that you meet all of your referrals face-to-face. We will give you the nudge and encouragement you need to get out of the house and start dating! After all, that's why you came to us, right?

Our process is one of fine-tuning and communication. The more we get to know you, the better we can match you. Your feedback, combined with our experience and intuition, helps us make each subsequent referral, better and better.

Hearts dating service vancouver

Please keep in constant contact with your matchmakers so we can focus on the Clients with which you truly have potential. Visit our new blog, The Matchmaker's Post. Learn More. Professional Matchmakers Are you tired of sending endless s to strangers online?

What Our Clients Are Saying We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we would like to remove our names from the dating data base. Hi dear Dee. Harry and I will get married next week so we want to invite you to our wedding. At BC Matchmakers, we know it's not hard to meet just anyone.

Hearts dating service vancouver

Face-To-Face Meetings No more silly s or instant messages to strangers. Feedback Our process is one of fine-tuning and communication. Stay positive! Love is right around the corner! See some recent success stories here.

Hearts dating service vancouver Hearts dating service vancouver

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