Like same meet a man

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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. Throughout history, meeting a doppelganger could only mean bad luck and was considered as an evil omen by many folklore tales. A doppelganger was seen as a malevolent twin or even a paranormal entity. The science behind these twin strangers is also quite grim as heautoscopy or hallucinations of seeing your own body in the distance might be s of schizophrenia and epilepsy, which explains why it was seen as a harbinger of bad luck in the olden days.

Thankfully, today we use the term doppelganger in a more general and neutral way to describe a person who looks or acts the same way as we do. Bored Panda collected a list of people who experienced this bizarre lookalike phenomenon, and it looks like there's genuinely a glitch in the Matrix.

Just think about it. You inherit the looks of your ancestors, and someone happens to look exactly like you and you happen to meet him accidentally. What are the odds? And though it is a quite an eerie experience, the chance for a fun picture is just too good. If you have met your doppelganger in the form of funny peoplewe'd like to hear your story! This post may include affiliate links. Lee Beattie Report. The best part of this photo is the guy in the background getting a kick out of it!

Cascade News Report. Slinzgod Report. My Name Is Josh. LannyDoftus Report. David Bazan Report.

Like same meet a man

Fatisbac Report. ApologizingCanadian Report. Guess Not. Ran into a server on break at Stone Brewing in San Diego and did a double take - she not only looked like my daughter pictured on rightshe dressed the same! I took the photo with her permission and sent it to my daughter. When I got back home we staged a pose and sent it back to the server. The dude on the left kinda looks like Dogman if he had a longer and brown beard.

Bryan Alexander Report. I Was A New Member. Where Are They?? He passed away. I was showing your picture to my mom. I handed the phone to her and said "Tell me who this looks like? Our oldest son leaned over and said, " Hey that's my dad!

Like same meet a man

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Like same meet a man

Having glasses also helps but on a lot of them, if you look at their faces specifically, they don't look much alike. Let's strip them all down and shave all their body hair. The Internetz deserves a more invasive method comparing these people's bodies and privacy. This isn't a fun meme, people. It's LIFE. I didn't become an unpaid freelance twitterjournalist retwitterist just to retweet this non-journalism! That's a little freaky. But interesting to see.

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Like same meet a man

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