Looking for an unusual model

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We are constantly bombarded by images in the media telling us what we should and shouldn't look like. Thin and classically beautiful women that whose faces penetrate our screens, glossy s of the magazines and the Internet make us feel inadequate. This is exactly how advertisers want us to feel in order to buy their products so that just maybe we can look more like what we have been brainwashed with. Normally when we think of fashion models, the names that first pop into our he are Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid who are the 'it girls' of today Just like Heidi Klum says, "in fashion you are in one minute and out the next.

Looking for an unusual model

Fashion is changing by expanding its horizons when it comes to diversity. No, we are not just talking about race and ethnicity. We are talking about people out there who not only don't fit the mold, but they shatter it into a million little pieces. These people are born with rare genetics, unconventional body types, or certain facial features that make he turn. It is refreshing to see people who are not only imperfect, but their imperfections make them beautiful and make us stare in awe.

Behold, here are the most unusual yet gorgeous models the fashion industry has ever seen at least so far. Shaun Ross has taken the fashion industry by storm and has been the first African American albino male model. Born in the Bronx, he was always bullied at school for being an albino. Bullied frequently by his peers, he was called "powder", "white-out" and "Casper.

He has also been the face of Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. Lately, he has been crossing over into acting and singing. Inhe played a love interest in Lana del Rey's short film "Tropico".

Looking for an unusual model

Lana del Rey discovered him through a mutual friend and became her muse for a modern-day fairytale. Looks like his career shows no of slowing down anytime soon. Recently, she has become the first albino to be featured in a major beauty campaign, Wet n Wild. Albinism, an inherited genetic condition, affects about one in 18, to 20, people in the U.

Since so many have a hard time finding makeup shades, Diandra Forrest jumped at the opportunity to be a representative of the affordable brand. So being a face for such a major brand means beauty finally has no limits. Winnie Harlow is a year old model who gained her stardom by appearing on the 21st cycle of America's Next Top Model. At the age of four, she was diagnosed with vitiligo, an incurable skin condition where the pigmentation causes colorless patches all over the individual's body.

She was constantly bullied at school, where her peers called her cruel nicknames like "cow" or "zebra. She even contemplated suicide. Luckily, life turned around for her because she has gained success as a model shooting with the most respected photographers in the industry and becoming the face of Spanish fashion label Desigual. Byshe gained over one million followers on Instagram and the rest is history. Rick Genest is a self-created bizarre looking dude with tattoos all over his body. He is one of those extreme artists that is is walking work of art rather than just painting it out on a canvas.

Better known as Zombie Boy, Rick Genest was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 15 and got his first tattoo by the age of After dropping out of high school at the age of 17, he ed the Canadian punk scene and started doing freak show acts. His routines generated traffic on social media and caught the attention of Lady Gaga and Jay Z, launching his professional modeling career. He has appeared in music videos and has become a worldwide sensation. He even has his own line of dolls. Melanie Gaydos is a partially blind art graduate who found great success as a fashion model in New York City.

She was born with ectodermal dysplasia which is a condition that makers her pores, teeth, nails, and small bones form abnormally.

Looking for an unusual model

Gaydos also suffers from alopecia and is partially blind due to eyelash growth that scratcher her eyes as. Her career took off after she responded to an ad on Craigslist looking for "unique people" for fashion photographers to shoot while she was still in art school. Throughout her childhood, she was treated as though her disease was contagious.

As a fashion model, she found a new confidence that wasn't there before. In a way, I was forcing myself to learn more about who I was and to become more comfortable with who I am at my core and natural state of being. At just 20 years old, Madeline Stuart became a household name in the fashion industry with oversocial media fans following her successful campaign to become the first professional model in the world with Down Syndrome.

As with many others with Down Syndrome, Madeline struggled with her weight for a long time. Inshe decided to get healthy and lost nearly 40 pounds. Her mom created social media s posting before and after pictures encouraging others to pursue the same. Just overnight, the photo went viral and her s grew exponentially into over thousand viewers.

Looking for an unusual model

Before she knew it, she was being flown all over the world to hit headlines and be featured in publications in Iceland, Germany, the US, Australia, Mexico, Cuba and the UK. Later in life, she became an artist in New York City and was the first woman to be ed on as a male model by Ford. At '6"2 with an athletic build, her androgynous looks have landed her gigs advertising men's clothes because, well she looks more like a dude.

Looking for an unusual model

She explained to Refinery 29 that "my body is proportioned to a biologically male body, and so I was trained to swim like the boys. Later at 35 years old, her photographer friend encouraged her to try male modeling and dressed her in men's clothes. After a couple of years, she has been known as fashion's first "female male model.

At first glance, you might mistake Andreja Pejic for a Heidi Klum look alike. Really, she is the first transgender woman to take the fashion world by storm. Originally born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but raised in Melbourne, her looks are exotic matched with a charming Aussie accent. Her full lips, sharp bone structure and high cheekbones that can cut glass are to die for and so far, this list has proved that the fashion industry loves androgyny.

Even before coming out as trans inshe was known as as the first completely androgynous supermodel. In she underwent gender reasment surgery because she knew that throughout her life, parts of her body just didn't match up. The '6"1 stunner has become an face and advocate for the LGBT community. In a fashion world full of classic beauties like Kate Upton, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima, every once in a while there comes a girl whose face is so unusual that is blows the rest of them out of the water.

Meet Molly Bair who doesn't quite fit into that mold of what it means to be a mainstream supermodel. Her looks are so unique that they could almost be considered "alien" or "insectile". Her furrowed brows, pursed lips, and gawky demeanor is celebrated in the fashion world as being "edgy" over the commercialized looks that we have become accustomed to.

She is also the face of Alexander Wang. Not to mention that she hasInstagram followers. That isn't too shabby considering the fact that her last name isn't Hadid or Jenner. Jillian Mercado ed on with the prestigious agency IMG models and has become one of the few professional models who has a physical disability in the fashion industry. While she was a senior studying fashion marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she scoured the Internet seeing if there was someone seeking a model who looked the way she did: someone with a disability or someone who used a wheelchair.

Mercado was diagnosed with spastic muscular dystrophy as a teenager and has now put a face to those who are wheelchair bound. It all started four years ago when she responded to an open casting call for a Diesel Jeans ad campaign on a whim - and wound up getting hired.

Looking for an unusual model

Her mission is to push inclusivity in the fashion world and she has made her mark. Daphne Selfe has still got it going on at the age of 83 appearing in Vogue and gracing the catwalks in Paris. She wears years-old well with a long mane of silver hair, an etiolated neck, high cheekbones and bright lively eyes that can light up a room.

Looking for an unusual model

She is the epitome of vintage glamour and has proved that aging does not have to be the end of beauty. Older women can still be powerful and sexy no matter what age they are. She began modeling when she was young and has managed to maintain a lifelong career where others have waned or had to retire. The fashion industry has known to be intent on treating models as being disposable but Daphne Selfe has been strong enough to withstand the test of time.

Moffy was catapulted to fame when she appeared on the cover of cult magazine after she was recommended to the editor by a friend. Her discovery was accidental and her unconventional looks earned her gig to be the face of Storm Models - the same agency in London that discovered Kate Moss. The British brunette beauty suffers from strabismus - or cross eyes in layman's terms.

She is another prime example that distinctive and unique looks are set to take the fashion world by storm. Tyrone LeBon, a photographer who shot her for POP magazine said: "We chose to shoot her because we had recently shot with models and wanted a change. Alright, so you were probably expecting some plus-size model on this list. Well, models like Robin Lawely and Ashley Graham have become so mainstream and plus size models have been around for awhile now.

Hearing about a woman becoming famous for being a size is hardly even news anymore. However, Tess Holliday has really redefined what it means to be a plus sized model. At a size 26, she proves that big can also be beautiful. The supermodel says that she wants to destigmatize the word "fat" as a derogatory word aimed at people who are carrying extra weight.

I thought why not have fun with it, why not shock people. And hopefully make people laugh and help people.

Looking for an unusual model

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