Need to eat petite

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Need to eat petite

Sorting Last Post on Top Message:. Message Removed. I'm 5'0 and I actually gained weight because I was trying to watch what I was eating and ate under Mind you this was ficantly under. I was getting only about calories a day because I ate when I was hungry and tried to avoid high-calorie foods and large portions.

This was no excercise also. I think if you're going a little under it might not be hurt, but the minimum is set there for a reason it's what your body needs to stay healthy. I've lost 30lbs over the past year eating between and exercising semi-regularly more consistantly in the past two months ETA: I am by no means an expert this is just my experience that eating hasn't slowed me down any. How long have you been eating at the range?

What kind of exercise are you doing and how often? Are you short too? Maybe, it was because I was losing muscle mass Also, there are some medical conditions that cause loss of appetite and people with anorexia are notorious for not being able to distinguish hunger cues. I'm 5'3" and I started on the range on Spark.

Need to eat petite

At first I lost 5 pounds really fast, then nothing. But I stopped gaining.

Need to eat petite

When I got on Spark, at first I monitored a few days just the way I was eating to find out what my eating habits were. I found that although I wasn't eating crazy excessively, I was doing about then every other day. I began to plan my meals and snacks, and got every day evened out to a range.

Need to eat petite

What I don't know now, is Do I even need to lose more weight? I look great and am at 26 yrs old. I used to be at age 16, after being at age BUT over the past couple of years I have worked lifting boxes up to 75lbs and other good hard work, and now I have biceps that I can feel and see. How do I even know if I need to lose more weight, or if its just awesome muscle? I find this topic very interesting because I am also a petite woman 5' 2" and my goal was to lose 20 lbs yet SP has me at calories per day but also to burn calories per week so SP has me at ificantly higher calories than most of the petite women on this list.

I usually eat calories per day and I find this is the perfect amount to make me feel full, meet my nutrient needs, and to help me lose weight. So between eating less and exercising, I am meeting that calorie mark. I also have been doing a lot more strength training. As soon as I started eating more greater thanI started to lose lbs per week. I don't know how the women who are eating calories a day are doing it.

I'd be starving, lose no weight, and be extremely lethargic. I'm also 31 so I don't know if age is playing a factor here. I go by the rule though that if I'm hungry, I eat and if I'm not, I don't. It's not Maybe you should look up how much you were consuming to get to your curent weight as well as how much you will consume at your goal weight in order to have a better grasp on calories Less isn't better; less just starves your body of nutrients. I really want to continue to tone up. According to sparkpeople I should be eating cals per day, but I think that's a bit high.

Can you tell me what you did to loose all your weight? Oops, I answered the original post without realizing it was old. Never mind.

Need to eat petite

To the 5 foot tall year-old-- We're the same height and age, and I can't lose on calories without exercise. In fact, I can't lose on any calorie amount without exercise. Our maintenance calories are aroundso it's hard to cut enough calories from diet to make much of a difference. That means we have to be extra-careful to make all of our calories count so we can go down to without getting sick. There's no room for empty calories.

That's like watching a tree grow-- it happens, but you can't see it from week to week. We need to burn some extra calories if we're going to lose fast enough to see it happen. Start doing some sort of exercise. Walking is great.

An hour walk every day is a good start. Once you've gotten into that habit, you can try something more strenuous if you want, but you can also lose a ificant amount of weight without really breaking a sweat if you'll do moderate exercise long enough. I am also short 5'1. I think we have to accept that we are not going to lose weight like the biggest losers.

Weight loss does not always happen on a decline slope. Also, give your body time. I increased my calorie range from a couple hundred calories to the range and I gained water weight etc. But I kept eating at the higher calorie range and my weight has been steady.

Need to eat petite

Keep up all your hard work!! There's more to life than weight and calories. Are you able to plan out a week of meals in the calorie range that meet all of your nutritional needs? Vitamin C? I'm 5" and have been at cal for about 1wk. I am not exercising yet. I gained 1lb. I thought I was going to lose, so now would like to know what others my ht, wt, and age 46 are doing or what they've done that has been successful for them.

I'm 5'3 and it says that I need about that many calories. I've increased my exercise and I get that red message stating that I'm eating too little for the amount I'm exercising. I guess I need to fix it and see what it says I should eat. BTW I've finally lost 4 pounds so I'm happy right now! I'm 5'1 and a bit, and somedays I barely make and some days I eat That's what the ranges are for! The basic thing I would go for is that if you are hungry, eat. If not, go and workout And everybody is different!

I am 5"3" I ate calories in the lossing phase and up to calories on busy days on maintaince. I have a busy job and had to amp up the exercise to keep things in balance. I can't live on calories for life that gives to little calories to make variety. You will need to experiment a little. Monitor your weight and your calories consumed Dietitian Becky.

Now that I'm at my goal weight I eat around because I'm not sure how many calories to eat to maintain. I haven't gained on that yet but wondering if I can up it a little bit. I totally agree with you, LakersKB about eating only when you are hungry.

Need to eat petite

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