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Over this time the enumerated population grew from 2, persons in topersons in This information is used to address issues of poverty, education, health, and the economy. A brief overview of the history of censuses in Belize is provided in the sequel. The first recorded census in Belize was held on October 22nd, with a total recorded population of 2, persons, classified by sex, race, and age Table 1.

The population count of 3, persons was disaggregated by sex, race, and age Table 2. There was a decrease of 6. The total of adult male and female slaves recorded was 1, andrespectively a total of 2, slaves see Table 3. The count of children was not disaggregated into males and females. It should be noted that during this period individuals were considered children only if they were less than 9 years old.

After and up untilthe population census was conducted every 3 years. During this time, the process involved the completion of returns, which were handed in at the Records Office. This method of counting the population proved not satisfactory to the Keeper of Records because many free persons did not participate.

Population counts for the five censuses conducted during this time period can be seen in Table 4. It is interesting to note that, while slavery was abolished inthe persons enumerated in were still classified as Freemen and Slaves. Table 4 Population of free persons, slaves and troops Census An approximation inestimated the population at 15, persons. Therefore, the increase between and see Table 5 is attributed to the inclusion and the increase of the population in other parts of the Settlement.

The Northern Districts expanded due to the immigration from Mexico caused by the Caste War, while the population of the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts increased with migrants from Honduras and Guatemala. After and up to Aprila Census was conducted every 10 years. While there was always careful supervision, enumerators frequently reported difficulties in reaching households Report of the Census of British Honduras, Another problem that has posed a challenge to enumerators even up to more recent censuses is the disinclination of individuals to be enumerated.

However, the report states that a little tact on the part of the enumerators went a long way in helping them to obtain all the information required, a fact which is as true of modern day censuses as it was then. The Censuses of April and March were much more detailed with regards to the information collected. This included the topics of sex, age, address, literacy can read, can write nametype of household, dwelling and type of union.

This was a slight increase of 2. It was on the night of April 02, that the first Houses and Population Census was conducted, which included a count of the inhabited and uninhabited houses, buildings and places not used as dwellings. The districts of Belize 15, personsCorozal 6, persons and Orange Walk 5, persons were the most populated districts, while the Toledo District had the smallest population of 4, persons.

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In Novemberthe Colony of British Honduras was instructed to discontinue work on the census and to dismiss temporary clerks. This was due to financial deficiency resulting from the aftermath of the devastating hurricane, the Belize Hurricane, which struck the Colony on the 10th September with category 4 winds that killed an estimated 2, inhabitants. The census, which was conducted in April, had not been fully tabulated by the end of November when the census clerks were terminated from their posts.

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Therefore, the abstracts for this census are not as detailed as they should have been. Nevertheless, past records show that the population now stood at 51, see Table 5. Conduct of the Census was d 15 years later in Incensus officials started using the media to inform the public of the census. According to newspaper advertisements, this census started at pm and ended at midnight. A total of enumerators were hired to collect the data. Those who were not counted by morning were asked to contact the Census Officer immediately.

The public was urged to refrain from public gatherings and the head of each family was required to stay up until midnight after Census Night ended. Beforecensuses were all conducted in one night.

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Afterhowever, there was greater financing provided to hire more enumerators and additional time was given to carry out the census. That year was known as the Year of Census for most countries and the information collected was tabulated and provided to the United Nations so that the world population and other indicators could be determined.

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For the first time inthe census did more than merely count people, since additional questions were included to determine the level of poverty in the country. These vital statistics were later used to create national and regional development programs to raise the economic level of the poor countries and the people. The census questionnaire for that year addressed 9 sections: area in which a person lived, characteristics of the person, migration, education, economic activity, fertility, housing characteristics and languages spoken. Media advertisements urged cooperation from the citizens and stressed the confidentiality of personal data.

While p. The actual enumeration of persons and households commences the following day. The population count for the census can be seen in Table 5.

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Census The main objective of the Population and Housing Census is to count the resident population of Belize. In addition, it seeks to collect information on its structure, main socioeconomic and cultural characteristics, and its distribution. Censuses have been conducted in Belize formerly the British Settlement of Belize in the Bay of Honduras and then British Honduras for more than years.

History of Census in Belize. Census History Timeline. Census History. Table 2 Population Count, December, Description of inhabitants Male Female Children Total White persons 83 41 25 Coloured persons 71 34 Black free persons 85 Slaves 1, 2, Total 2, 1, 3, Table 3 Slave population, December, Description of inhabitants Male Female Children younger than 9 years Total Slaves 1, 2, Total 1, 2, Table 4 Population of free persons, slaves and troops Census Free persons Slaves Total Year Male Female Total Male Female Total Troops Male Female Total 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 4, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 5, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 4, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, Did You Know.

In Although comprising only a minimal share of the total census budget, public awareness is an instrumental component of this exercise, serving to instill in the general populace the importance of conducting a census, encourage participation by households, promote buy-in from stakeholders, and publicize the findings after data has been processed and analysed. Inthere was a total of enumerators conducting the census, which ran from April 14th to May 12th. InMay 12th was deated as Census Day. Summary of Recorded Census.

Summary of Recorded Census First recorded population census: Second recorded population census: Every 3 years: to No census for 26 years, until At irregular intervals: to Since Every 10 years, except in

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