Snap chat i m bored at work

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If maintenance has been scheduled we will update the current status on thisalthough reports are also left by others below that reveal when services are down in various regions. The most common problems involve sending photos, videos, and text messages. In many cases these could be isolated issues. Is Snapchat down on Wednesday July 28, and not working with your feed not refreshing? Share your problems and status updates below. Hire a professional hacker, very genuine ethical hacker.

My story will post but then it was say hours later that it failed to post. If anyone has any insight please let me know. I checked snap to clear cache, clear data, and check for updates. And now snap will not even load at all! New update sucks. Is anyone else having this issue? What is going on?

I have 20 friends! The friends limit is i think. Fix this bs. I cant see any stories from my friends. Anyone else having this issue. Tried absolutely everything. Snap has been doing an update for the past 4 hours. It is draining my phone battery. Why so long? This has been happening to me for the past week- so annoying!

I havent been able to see my friends stories since yesterday it says that the couldnt refresh and to try again. Ive tried uninstalling the app and installing again. It still wont work. I have another and i can see the stories fine on the other but the one i use the most i cant see them for some reason.? But everything else is fine. Please help! When I take a snap and hit the send button, nothing happens. When I go back to edit the snap, everything is frozen and all I can do is move text around.

I have been having this exact issue for the past 3 days also and i do not know what even caused it. I tried deleting and creating a new one and had same problem. It says there is an error saving when I click save after adding people to the story. I have about 5 people who I only talk to through snapchatr this is happening with. g in and out multiple times.

No, my friend is not blocked. We ave checked everything. For the last month, I can only receive,send certain snaps and chats from certain people. I tried everything to get it away again. Any tips? Help someone. Same, I have to physically view my own story to get my views up. Mine has been like that for 2 weeks. Mines been like this since right before Xmas. I tried everything as well as writing them a lot in the beginning. I never heard back from them.

Snap chat i m bored at work

I wish I could get another but then I lose my status as a public figure. The spotlight and map absolutely will not post anything that I attempts to post. I repair musical instruments and used to use the map to find clients and was getting a few here and there from it.

The three that did post only got one view and then disappeared. Fix this! Having the very same issue since 2nd week of January, I just get 1 to 6 views but it never stays up more than a minute and yes it is frustrating when that is one of your sources for finding new clients or followers. So YES Snapchat, please fix this!! This has been going on for a while and no answers from Snapchat with idk the 30 messages I sent them.

Snap chat i m bored at work

Fix it please!!! Few days ago I was able to see the names? I was getting over a thousand views with my cooking snaps and adventures with my little one. Why is this happening? My Snap Stories are showing too many views. This has been going on for a few days now. Any suggestions??? Having the same issue, even upgraded to a new phone so Yes. It is a Snapchat problem. So umm. I run a meme on snapchat and everything is posting as it should, but my views are bugging HARD. Add me tho.

Mine is glitching hard. People are replying to my story but when I look to see who viewed it nobody is showing up. Same for me! Its been like this for months! Im getting ready delete it! I can only receive certain snaps from certain people. I tried ing in and out. I saw i should try and clear cache, but what does that mean. What will I lose if I clear it? Same…trying to save to camera roll and certain messages will not save.

My personal stories are getting views fine, but none of my friends stories show up. Been like this since Thursday. Updated the app today, and still not fixed. Same here I can only see one of my friends private story and if I want to view the rest I need to go to the chat and click there. Yep Snapchat is getting on my nerves with them not addressing these problems, 0 views still on my stories.

Snap chat i m bored at work

Clear cache and data in app settings, fixed it for me. Logged me out of snap so be prepared to log back in. I turned off VPN, reset network settings, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted my phone, turned on data roaming, tried through wifi and it still shows the same error.

Any ideas? Is it my phone or what? Is anyone else having a problems with the videos u post not getting any views? At first I could post a video from my camera roll and that would work and If I made one in snapchat it would get no views but pics I posted after would. Now neither work. Yes i am!!! Sooo fawkin frustrating not knowing how many views im getting!!

I thought i was the only one SMHkeeps showing as 0 viewsbuhh people say they saw it. Can anyone please explain me why the vidoes i post on my snapchat stories start lagging after a bit for everyone? And how do i fix this? Mine has been like this since before Xmas. Even my viral videos say 0 views now. Deleted the app, power cycled my phone, etc… help.

Snap chat i m bored at work

Mine has been like this since right before Xmas. Our story section i on 0 now too.

Snap chat i m bored at work

Have you figured out how to fix this yet? Been having the same problem with a hand full of people on my friends list. These are people who I have all talked to before on snapchat without issue, and it is very random people from my friends list. I know I am not blocked by any of them. Been doing this for over 2 months. As well as my public ones show 0 views very unusual. Same here…. I always got hundreds thousands of views to 0. Same for me, i did sent complans to costemer cervise.

Then i tryed diactivate my. So i will check later the effects. My scores are increasing but when my friends check them they viewed like stuking. So, what I do in this situation? I had this problem and I updated then deleted app and redownloaded and it solved it the not getting messages I hope this helps!

Keep finding my snap is skipping stories and bugging out, also saved photos in chat with a few different people have disappeared but non of us have deleted or unsaved any, since the new update all sorts of stuff is happening. Same thing here. Note Just not telling me who and count staying at zero. Also, same goes for posting to snap maps. Count stays at zero and snap never goes on map. Anyone else having this issue?? I tried uninstalling, reinstalling and clearing everything.

Also, I tried switching from wifi to data. Not sure what else to try?

Snap chat i m bored at work

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