Texans fans wanted

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I love covering Watson and watching him play. And one more thing: I asked you two weeks ago to stop the sophomoric name-calling that sounds like junior high. You can rip people without calling them names to get your point across. Thank you. What about trading D4 to the Jets, select Justin Fields and get a basket of additional picks?

Texans fans wanted

Since the Jets have the second overall pick behind Jacksonville, they could draft the second-best quarterback prospect whether it was Fields or one of the other candidates. Q: So much for believing that Watson would want to stay. This is on Cal McNair. Janice McNair should remove Cal from running the Texans organization immediately. My wife and I have had season tickets since the beginning. Cal and Jack Easterby made the decision easy. Another liar and cheat. He received death threats and, to my knowledge, was afraid to go back to Cleveland. As far as I know, he never set foot in Ohio again — deservedly so.

Bud Adams never left Houston after he moved the Oilers to Nashville. Q: I've been thinking about your question regarding what do the Patriots have to offer for Deshaun. I would do the next two ones and a 2. I don't think Bill Belichick would go this far especially since Mathew Stafford is now available. I would obviously take Watson over Stafford but BB might think Stafford is more cost-effective overall.

It's fascinating but I'm sure glad this absurd situation isn't happening to my favorite team. A top-shelf QB only comes around once in a generation for a team if they are lucky. So it's a crying shame if said team screws it up and said team's fans get to ask, "why can't we get guys like that? It would be a lot steeper than that. Q: Everyone looks bad here. A new owner is the biggest need in fixing the Texans and Cal McNair is almost solely to blame for the totally avoidable dispute with Watson festering in the media.

But Watson looks bad, too. If he's unhappy and wants out like James Harden he should man up and say so. Surely he's aware of all the media speculation about what he wants or doesn't want. I'm not happy with Harden, but at least he was man enough to tell us what he wanted and why. Hopefully everyone kisses and makes up, but Texans drama will never end. Q: I do enjoy your writing and perspectives, I hope you will consider mine. Watson has a contract, do not trade him. Don't make him the bad guy, and he will be the bad guy for deserting Houston.

Let us request, no, demand McNair to recruit a better left tackle, better receivers for one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Watson stays a hero to us, and we need him; and the owner and the general manager become the heroes or the goats. I look forward to your opinion. A: Watson is unhappy, Marc. The only option a player under contract has is to ask for a trade or sit out. Seems like Watson may be the only one unhappy within the organization.

Like so many others Watson may be listening to the wrong people. I know the Texans have known since they hired Caserio without informing Watson that he wants out. Q: It is going to look kind of fishy if the Patriots pick up Deshaun Watson at a fire-sale price.

Q: If Culley is so wonderful, then where has he been for eons?? Why was he not asked to be interviewed by any of the NFL teams searching for a coach? He can command a room and relate to all sorts of players! Problem is; the room is empty and devoid of talent! Thank you, Jack Easterby! Yes, JE. As the circumstances and evidence trail shows! Beyond any credible dispute. And should. What a sinking feeling for those guys.

Oops, forgot. No draft picks either. But thankfully, we have the amazing JE to figure out our draft chart and use his line-item veto on anything and everything he desires. Not that it would have mattered vis-a-vis Watson, but why did Eric Bieniemy not get hired? Easy and pathetic answer. This forthcoming mess of a press conference, what an embarrassment. Maybe some tough questions are in order. Oops; scores of other teams were after him; he wanted H-Town and knew what a next-level organization this is.

What a joke! But everything will be wonderful with the great and sought-after Culley aboard; alone; deep at sea; in a boat with no motor or life vest! Go DW 4. Dude made it look easy this year with this mess of a team. And he did it the old-fashioned way. He earned it by trading Deshaun Watson for Jack Easterby and a bag of magic beans yet to be announced. Listening to the last few podcasts were instructive. Brian T. Smith sounds convinced Watson cannot be placated. You all but acknowledge Easterby is a problem.

Texans fans wanted

If Jack Easterby is such a high-character guy, how do we end up here? Deserved or not, a truly high-character guy should see the damage to the brand, the franchise, his boss, his good friend and step down. Not doing so is telling. Maybe SI has been right all along. I do not know about you but I am really excited by the prospect of seeing Jack suit up and play QB next year. Do you think the O-line will block for him or pile on top of the pile after the defense sacks him? Do missteps such as this have any impact on the values of a franchise?

With this debacle, do you think the NFL will consider a change in the way it awards NFL franchises and require all heirs to be screened before they can inherit a team? I suppose not but when you look at what Mike Brown and Mark Davis have done with their inheritance, at least the Raiders and Bengals once had success and Super Bowl appearances.

Q: I did not see that coming. The Texans' hiring of a year-old first-time head coach? Been scratching my head all morning. He's never even been an offensive coordinator. Do they really expect to do this again in three to five years when this wonderful man is 68 or 70 years old. A: Either Culley will do well and get an extension or get fired, Ronald. Pete Carroll is still going strong at Coaches coach into their late 60s like quarterbacks play into their late 30s and early 40s.

Times have changed. Do you still stand by that? I could be wrong. That's not big news here. We all supposed he had made up his mind to seek one. The intrigue is the hiring of David Culley. Please, no offense or disrespect to coach Culley.

Texans fans wanted

He is an NFL lifer who has never been above a position coach and is highly respected in the league He is To me, that is a young man, to some he is too old. The question is why? Of all the respected coaches that interviewed, he was deemed to be the most gifted and the one to lead us to glory?

Texans fans wanted

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