Tired of the dating scene

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In the song, Lipa describes the new rules that she has decided to follow in her decision to get over the boy who is messing her about:. I found it both heartbreaking and fascinating that a song with those lyrics would make it to one. That it clearly resonates that deeply with enough people to put it there, says a lot about the society we live in.

The song resonates with me too, and it hurts. From my own experience and from talking to friends, this is pretty common practice in the dating scene for my generation and below. Men and women can still use each other emotionally, if not physically. These kind of relationships survive on the adrenaline and the hit that happens when the other person comes back again after disappearing.

Tired of the dating scene

They are the ego-boost that lurks in the background when life is dull and we feel forgotten in general. They are often not real friendships, but rather based on what one person can gain from the other.

Tired of the dating scene

They are easily dropped, but not so easily forgotten. The trouble with them is that because they swing from highs to lows, the highs are incredibly addictive.

Tired of the dating scene

And like all addictions, it takes a lot of retraining your brain to be free from them. They are addressing the lax, non-committal approach to relationships that leave everyone using or being used. Be polite and respectful. But be polite upfront and be clear that you are not interested from the start. If you are not interested but you like hanging out with them, flirting and taking up a chunk of their time and using them as your emotional stop-gap, give yourself a mental slap up the side of the head and sit yourself down for a long, hard soul searching talk.

If you really like spending that much time with them, and you really like them, commit to them and date them. Do this because you are a decent person, who respects other people, and treats them as you would like to be treated.

Or it is not going to work out, be clear and say this as soon as you realize that is how you are feeling. Yes, seriously. I mean it. I hated that idea a few years ago. I thought it was unfeminist and left the woman in an inactive and weak place, just waiting for her fairytale prince to turn up and rescue her.

Now I see this differently. This is how I actually set the standards that I expect. I have decided that I am worth the risk of a man asking me for my and then being brave enough to reach out and actively do something about dating me. If he is not brave enough to message me or ring me to arrange a date, then I am not going to chase him. If he cannot do that, then what other commitments is he too afraid to make?

You are worth the energy he has to expend to pursue you. You are worth the decisiveness he has to employ to choose you. Obviously, give the guy a break. Messenger or similar messaging apps are meant to supplement your relationship in being a useful tool to help you arrange real life meetings, or to help you keep in touch in temporary long-term relationship situations.

They are not meant to be the entire basis of your relationship. If you hardly meet each other in real life and conduct the majority of the relationship online, then you are not actually prioritising the relationship or each other. They allow someone all the perks of a relationship without the effort of commitment. Do not stand for this kind of relationship. Anything less than that and you are being taken for a ride.

Tired of the dating scene

You deserve more than that. You know what?! I have some really great male friends, whose friendship I truly appreciate. They are my friends, and they are good ones. And we behave like friends. We have a good time together, we share thoughts and feelings and help each other out. But we know where our boundaries are. Look at what a friendship actually is- it always requires healthy boundaries. They are not your surrogate spouse, who gets to jump in and out with no strings attached. If you are in that type of relationship, please, please, reconsider. Learn about the amazing gift of chastityand remember that you are worthy of a real, committed relationship.

I know it sucks that this responsibility falls on us, when in the first place it should be men behaving well from the offset. We live in an epidemic of it. It is so hard to keep hoping and waiting for the real deal. Where are all the good guys?! Where are all the good women?!

I know this is hard! They just contribute to a society that uses each other for their own ends. A hallmark that I have so often noticed in these kind of relationships is that no one wants to admit that they have actually been hurt by the entire experience.

Tired of the dating scene

And who wants to admit that?! Who wants to actually follow rules? But rules and boundaries have reasons behind them. What I do mean is not to walk away as tough as a piece of granite numb to the pain that has been inflicted on you. Bear with me while I quote Michelle Obama, because here she has something really good to say when she says:. I think that quote can actually apply well to both sexes.

It is not weak to be hurt when you have been misused in the name of fun, love, a no-strings-attached relationship, or whatever you want to call it. Get yourself out of the game, wait for someone who sees your worth, who will prioritize you and care about you and want what is truly good for you, not just to satisfy their own needs.

Tell that person that they are disrespecting you, and that you do not stand for it. Everyone deserves to be respected. Be done with it all. Get angry with this state of the world but let that anger propel you to strive for something better. Abusive and manipulative relationships can be enormously damaging. If you have been affected by any of these relationships, we really encourage you to seek professional and or spiritual help and support. Did you know that each month has a traditional Catholic devotion?

Make yourself notes, write it on your calendar, and pray a specific prayer each day of the month to remember As wonderful as the idea of Natural Family Planning NFP can sound, the reality for many couples can be far from that beautiful ideal. A common thread amongst frustrated couples trudging their way through the trenches of NFP is that the By now, you've probably been drawn into the competition, the passion, and the excitement of the Summer Olympics taking place in Toyko.

The athletes are an inspiration to all as they give everything they have to the sport that they have spent many hours perfecting Chaste dating is no walk in the park, but it is possible. Women are constantly bombarded with the culture's ideas of beauty, but what if we chose to learn from the saints instead?

Tired of the dating scene

Click the links below to dig deeper into the stories of these women saints and discover true beauty and goodness. Traditionis Custodes Early on July 16,Pope Francis issued a Motu Proprio entitled Traditionis Custodes which sent shockwaves through the Catholic world, especially in more traditionalist circles.

Tired of the dating scene

For a brief first look at what the document says, please click This document will almost certainly be interpreted differently depending on the perspective of the reader. Those who currently and regularly attend Kimberly Hahn is a Are you feeling low? Perhaps God is asking you to go on a silent retreat.

Retreats, particularly those done in silence, allow us to set time apart for God by disconnecting from the very connected world we live in. Retreats can be for as little as To really understand the faith, Ruth Kennedy nee Baker is 30 and lives in England with her husband. She loves running, wild camping and writing, and thinks there is almost nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction after a day out in the mountains.

Her faith means everything to her. Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow. Why does it hurt? If you are not interested, say so. Sort yourself out. If you date them and then realize you are not interested… Or it is not going to work out, be clear and say this as soon as you realize that is how you are feeling. Still not convinced? I settle. Get Off Messenger and Apps and get into real life.

Have beginnings and endings to your relationships! Walk away! Women: stop being so nice to boys who are not nice to you! Finally, if you are hurt, be hurt. Keep Searching, Keep Learning. Our Newest Articles:. Ruth Kennedy.

Tired of the dating scene

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