Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

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My Husband talk me into having sex with a few strangers. At first I put it off but he kept asking me to do it. I did give in and had some nice studs fuck me as my husband watched. I have to admit I truly enjoyed having some different cocks inside me. I think it is more of a difference between personality types; Self centered men want to get off and don't care if she got hers.

They don't tolerate her straying but have no problem cheating on her. People pleasers want to know their woman is satisfied. Seeing her in the throughs of orgasm brings them arousal.

Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

Their own satisfaction is tied to his perception of her sexual pleasure. My husband of three years always teased me about going to bed with a Black man with a huge cock and me taking all of him and I shrugged it off till one morning while sun bathing in our back yard I was laying on my stomach with my top untied and I fell asleep, for how long who knows.

I woak up when I thought it was my husband kissing my ear and neck I my two zones to get turned on and I started to raise up and his hands took hold of my breasts gave me a slight squeeze and thumbs started in getting my nipples hard and continued rubbing them making me squirm against him as he continued to kiss and suck upon my neck I could feel him starting to get hard against my ass and I reached back to take hold of his cock that's when I realized it wasn't my husband for he was huge and I moaned feeling his member get even harder and he began pushing himself against my ass.

I told him I'd like to see who's trying to get me so I could enjoy it even more and he said in due time as he took my bottoms off and thru them away telling me I won't be needing these ever again or your tops and pulled them from me and thru them away.

Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

I told him I can't go nude all of the time in the yard and he kissed my neck and said "from now on you will" and I said yes sir just jokingly. He kissed my neck telling me I have a beautiful body and I need no tan lines and soon with coconut oil you'll be almost as dark as I as he took hold of my hips pulling me up off the lounger as he pushed his hard co ck into me for three thrusts he held himself deeper in me than any cock has ever been pushed hard against my cervix and I came, cane hard and told him don't you ever stop Oh god fuck me I screamed and man did he ever.

My lover turned out to be our neighbors son who's My wife liked it too. She said no so many times I can't count. But then Just to shut me up I think she finally gave in. It was fantastic for me and told her since she did that for me I'd do anything she wanted.

She just smiled and said, "Find me another guy to do this with. At first she was nervous, saying she didn't know how to act in front of me and not being with anyone but me since we'd been married, she was worried that he might find her boring. It didn't take long though before me being there didn't stop her and she let herself go.

Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

And that's what men want anyway She came twice with him and didn't care that I saw it. She says she loved the feeling of a different cock inside her. We don't do it all the time, but once in a while for a treat for both of us we bring in another guy to fuck her. She says she can't understand why she didn't do this the first time I asked. I have heard some men get very aroused at having their wife fucked by another man. Usually one that has a bigger cock and there are self esteem issues involved.

Is that true with your husband? I am one of those guys who get very aroused watching my wife being fucked by another man.

Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

She was a virgin when we married and we did enjoy a healthy sex life. I don't think I have any self-esteem issues but at the same time I have have known since I was very young that I have a very small cock seeing guys in locker rooms, camp outs, etc but also know there is nothing I can do about my size just under 4" hard.

We started watching porn together and she admitted to being curious about bigger cocks so I suggested she find out for herself. She eventually realized I was serious and decided to try it. I did not get to watch her the first time but she was still naked on the bed when I got home and was dripping with cum.

She had me lick her for a while and after she had an orgasm I got on top of her to fuck her. Her pussy was so stretched out and gaping open that I could not really feel any tightness as I had always felt but her pussy felt very warm and soft around my little cock. She also said that she could not feel me inside her and began telling me about the things they did and how many orgasms she had.

I could not last and started cumming myself. She said that she never realized how good sex could be and that she wanted to fuck other guys as a regular part of our marriage. I eventually got to watch her and I have to say that there is no way I can please her sexually with my little cock the way that a guy with a normal or large cock can. She was unbelievable to watch! I know most people cannot understand how much it pleases a guy like me to see the woman I love being pleased sexually by another guy in a way I never could but I am happy for her and I get to enjoy her afterwards.

There are a lot of people out there who say size doesn't matter but after watching my wife with other guys I disagree to a point. There might be a range where this applies but it is not absolute. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. If you do not receive your shortly, please check your spam folder. Post Something. Random Post. My girlfriend told me that a friend of Very recently, my GF decided to spend My stepdaughter recently divorced her I'm 34 years old, fairly recently All these confessions about getting It has been a regular thing, the couple I came to confess that my son and i Me and my sister have always been It was no surprise to my wife when we Fucking stranger My Husband talk me into having sex with a few strangers.

I have to admit I truly enjoyed having some different cocks inside me By Anonymous 5. I've been having sex with my wife's friend for a couple weeks. Every work day How would you make NaughtyPosts better? Cancel Post. Wow 10 months ago. Sort Newest. Most Popular. Most Comments. All Posts. Want to read posts and comments uncensored?. Screen Name or. Password Forgot? Stay logged in.

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Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

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